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Visit The Cultural Treasures Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China. It is known for its beauty and astounding progress. Further, skyscrapers and high rises are seen all over the region. The region is an important trade center and has also established itself as a globally leading international financial center.

In order to visit the cultural highlights of this astounding place, visitors should book early flights to Hong Kong. Tour operators also take care of the sightseeing and accommodation requirements of visitors. This enigmatic place has contributed a lot to South Asia's cultural development. Moreover, many galleries and museums are found here.

The place has a splendid Heritage Museum which showcases its culture and history. It adds to the charm of this beautiful city. This cultural institution is offered complete support by the government. Many interactive programs and exhibitions are organized for the benefit of visitors. The valuable artifacts present here are admired by locals and tourists alike. Further, there is a theater where talks are held and shows performed. The museum cafe offers a perfect place to relax.

The Heritage Museum has three branches: A Railway Museum, Sam Tung Uk Museum and Sheung Yiu Folk Museum. The Railway Museum is supervised by the Leisure and Cultural Service Department. The museum has a beautiful room where train tickets and train models are exhibited. The models include those of KCR trains, Eurostar and Japanese Shinkansen. Moreover, some coaches and locomotives are also a part of the exhibition.

Travel to Hong Kong to unravel its tourist treasures. Travelers should definitely visit the Sam Tung Uk Museum. This museum displays a walled Hakka village. Chan Yam-shing, a clan patriarch, took the leadership of building the museum. Twelve original houses, ancestral halls, assembly halls and the entrance are preserved till date. Day-to-day objects of Hakka village life and agriculture implements of the villagers are kept here. A lecture theater, an exhibition hall, a reception area and an orientation room are also a part of the museum.

The Museum of Art is another cultural institution which is maintained by the Leisure and Cultural Service Department. This museum is a healthy promoter of art and has more than 15,700 art objects. These objects include ancient Chinese treasures, paintings and calligraphy works. Various educational programs are also held here.

Catch cheap flights to Hong Kong and tour this unique place. The area has many historical places and offers a charming journey.

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