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How to Access Facebook in China

How to Access Facebook in ChinaMany travelers to China are surprised to find out that they can no longer access Facebook in this country. Actually, many popular websites are blocked in China, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Fortunately people living in Hong Kong can still access those sites. If you plan to travel to Mainland China and will need to access those blocked websites, you can use proxy or VPN... ❯❯❯

Top 7 Interesting Places To Go In Hong Kong

Top 7 Interesting Places To Go In Hong KongHong Kong is a very busy and extremely compact city-state of China. It is one of Asia's fastest growing finance and trading center, and a gateway to mainland China. Many travelers spend one to three days here either on a stopover or business trip. Surprisingly this distinctly Chinese city has a blend of eastern and western culture as a result of past British colonization which ended in 1997. ... ❯❯❯

Hong Kong Attractions - 7 Family Things to Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Attractions - 7 Family Things to Do in Hong KongWhile Hong Kong is internationally famous for its shopping, dining and entertainment, not so many people are familiar with the attractions it has to offer to families with kids, which is a shame really 'cause this world-city has many family-oriented attractions, other than the obvious Disneyland. This article will take you through seven of Hong Kong's "must-do" family attractions: Hong Kong... ❯❯❯

Hong Kong to Macau Ferry: How to Properly Plan Your Day Trip

Many of the millions of travellers who visit Hong Kong every year spare at least one day to visit neighboring Macau, where some of the world's best casinos can be found, alongside rich Sino-Portuguese heritage, impressive historic cathedrals and fabulous food... The Hong Kong to Macau ferry is the main means of transport between HK and Macau, so understanding how it works and what are the... ❯❯❯

Visit The Cultural Treasures Of Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China. It is known for its beauty and astounding progress. Further, skyscrapers and high rises are seen all over the region. The region is an important trade center and has also established itself as a globally leading international financial center. In order to visit the cultural highlights of this astounding place, visitors should book early... ❯❯❯

Hong Kong, Where East Meets West

Hong Kong, Where East Meets WestFragrant Harbor, known to the world as Hong Kong, is also promoted as Asia's World City or the place where east meets west. It is all of these things. Sitting on the south coast of China, surrounded by the South China Sea and the Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong's low taxes and free trade have made it a wealthy and vibrant city. Its famous skyline, with more than twelve hundred skyscrapers, is... ❯❯❯

Enjoy Your Honeymoon in Hong Kong

Have you been thinking of travelling around the world and visit new places? Have you recently gotten married and it is time for you to head out? Well, it certainly is great to travel around and have fun and if you are thinking of exploring the world then Hong Kong tourism calls you to it. This part of the People's Republic of China is one of the most developed and talked of location. If you are... ❯❯❯

What to Do at Hong Kong International Airport

When you think of Hong Kong, you might think of bright lights, lots of people, Victoria Harbor and the light show on the buildings each night. But did you know that the city's International Airport is a destination by itself? Rated consistently as one the world's best airports (voted #3 in 2012 by Skytraxx World Airport Awards) Hong Kong International Airport is a traveler's delight. Hong Kong... ❯❯❯

Hong Kong Walking Holidays: Around The Harbour And Beyond

Hong Kong Walking Holidays: Around The Harbour And BeyondIf you're looking for walking holidays in a place that's distinctively Asian yet extremely cosmopolitan, Hong Kong might be the place for you! Hong Kong - Around The Harbour And Beyond If ever there was a city made for walking holidays, Hong Kong is it! An intriguing mix of the East and West, old and new, noisy street markets and quiet temples, crowded metropolis and remote islands - it's a... ❯❯❯

Best Business Hotels in Hong Kong

Planning a business trip to Hong Kong? Thinking of stuffy rooms, inconsiderate service and average amenities? Guess it is time to change that. Hong Kong might be a bustling city teeming with clinical facades, swanky shopping malls and looming skyscrapers packed into a few square miles of space. But I see no reason why you shouldn't check these accommodation options out and take a breather after a... ❯❯❯